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Be Treated Like Family

We are a specialist allied health service for adults and children with neurological conditions or complex rehabilitation needs.


Our highly experienced team provide specialist 

physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech pathologist, early educator and allied health 

assistant services for people with neuromuscular 

conditions such as Cerebral Palsy, stroke and brain injury.  We aim to develop long-term partnerships with our clients and their families through different life stages and support them with empathy and compassion


Rehab Therapies is a Registered NDIS Provider.

Specialists in Neurological Rehabilitation and Physical Disabilities

Our Vision: Our clients are able to lead a rich and meaningful life, be embraced as a valuable member of society with the right to health and the pursuit of happiness.

Funding Options



Our COVID-19 Safety Plan asks that you:

-Rehab Therapies (RT) require that all staff and clients who are eligible for a vaccination to be fully vaccinated to enable safe face-to-face appointments and continue services with Rehab Therapies.  

- COVID-19 Vaccination certificates will need to be  emailed to: enquiries@rehabtherapies.com.au or sighted by staff member prior entering RT's premises for face to face appointments.

Temporary rules for Omicron Variant:

-No home visits, centre based therapy only

-If you receive a positive PCR test, we must wait 3 weeks from date of positive test before you can attend therapy

-Masks to be worn at all times

-Delay therapy or convert to Telehealth sessions should you or your child have complex medical and respiratory conditions.

Ongoing COVID-19 Rules;

- Cancel your face to face appointment with us if anyone in your household feels unwell. Sessions can be converted to telehealth session instead if you/ your child is well enough for therapy. 

- If your therapist arrives to discover someone in your household is unwell, therapy session will be cancelled and your therapist will be required to leave to avoid cross infecting other clients. Please note charges for the session will still apply.

- Comply with government instructions around COVID-19 tests

Therapy sessions to only include 1 parent or carer

- Disinfect large surfaces to be used in therapy sessions

-Show our team where we can wash and dry our hands

-Please wash your hands before and after therapy session

-Home visits are no longer allowed if any member of your household is unvaccinated without a medical exemption or those living in high density complexes. Therapy must instead be conducted at RT Centre.

Rehab Therapy team members will continue using personal protective equipment including masks, safety glasses and gloves for each session



The 3D Tutor By Meditouch 

This device uses biofeedback and gaming to allow the therapist to target and the client to intensively practice specific joints.

The movement biofeedback ensures that the client is motivated and challenged to perform intensive and controlled practice. The rehabilitation software gives movement instructions and feedback that prevent the development of undesired and compensatory joint movement and ensures better performance of functional tasks.

Available now for rental, with rental fees claimable through NDIS, ask your therapist if this is suitable for you.

What's New? 

Rehab Therapies Centre Open Afternoon

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In celebration of the new year, new possibilities and our new therapy centre, we invite all referrers and colleagues to visit us:

Date: Thurs 20/01/22

Time: 4 - 7pm 

Address: Unit 209, 14 Lexington Drive, Bella Vista

Parking available near unit on level 2

Meet some of the team and our valued suppliers!


By tues 18/01/22 Jenny@rehabtherapies.com.au


To keep everyone safe, we request all visitors comply with COVID-19 rules, check-ins, wear a mask and proof of vaccinations 

Welcome Zortex Orthotics!



New Partnership with Zortex Orthotics

We've always admired their work and have been our orthotists of choice.  With our new partnership, Stuart Kerr and his team will attend clinics at our Therapy Centre in Bella Vista on a fortnightly basis. Say goodbye to travelling across Sydney to see them or waiting for appointments in the public system! This service is open to everyone even if they are not a client with Rehab Therapies. 

To access services, speak to your therapist or contact Zortex on 9438 5003.


Aquatic Physiotherapy 

 We hope to be able to return soon when schools resume. The Changing COVID-19 environment and DET rules will dictate if this is possible.   

We'd love to hear from you!

Do you have a good idea? Would you like to give us some feedback? We always love hearing from our clients and are constantly looking at improving our services. Release your inner keyboard warrior and tell us what you think!

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