For Clinicians

Specialist Services 

We are pleased to be able to offer some of our more specialised services for you and your client.  We will work closely with you for the specific task you need us for.

Our most popular requests  include:

- Serial Casting ( Upper Limb or Lower Limb)

- Upper Limb Splinting

- Custom made splints, Wraparounds and customisation of equipment

- Specialist Physiotherapy or OT consultation to support Orthopaedic Surgery needs

- Aquatic Physiotherapy (Hydrotherapy)

- Saebo Equipment Support

- Bioness Equipment Support

If you don't require a consultation with one of our team but need a custom sewn item for your client, please download and complete the appropriate order form to place an order:

A quote will be provided for each request. Projects commence only after acceptance of our quote.