AquatiC Physiotherapy

Aquatic Physiotherapy often known as Hydrotherapy, is the use of water for physiotherapy, rehabilitation, exercise, relaxation and more. The unique properties of water, including the decreased effects of gravity, the effects of buoyancy and hydrostatic pressure are used by physiotherapists to work towards specific goals. It is usually an adjunct to traditional land based physiotherapy

In Neurological rehabilitation, Aquatic Physiotherapy is often used to:

  • Decrease tone and spasticity temporarily

  • Stretch muscles

  • Mobilise joints e.g. the spine

  • Strength training 

  • Balance training

  • General exercise for fitness

  • Rehabilitation following surgery

  • Pain Relief

  • Improve well being

  • Assist with sleep 

For many with Cerebral Palsy, Stroke and Spinal Muscular Atrophy, the water is the only place in which they can move independently and exercise. It is also great fun!

Aquatic Physiotherapy is carried out in a Hydrotherapy pool with water in the therapeutic range of 32-35degrees Celsius. Water pressure and elevated temperature causes an increase in work load for the heart and lungs. A medical clearance is required before starting Aquatic Physiotherapy. This applies to anyone needing to enter the Hydrotherapy pool.


Please download our medical clearance form which can be completed by any GP or specialist doctor. 

At Rehab Therapies we are proud to offer Aquatic Physiotherapy and recommend starting with a block of individual sessions with a Physiotherapist to complete an assessment, design a program and teach water handling skills to parents or carers. Please note that for safety, we require that at least one carer is to enter with each client at all times. Once a program has been established and the physiotherapist is confident with the carer's handling skills, clients and families are then welcome to join "practise sessions" to run through programs independently under the supervision of an Allied Health Assistant or Physiotherapist. This ensures that we are able to minimise ongoing costs. 

Hydro Pool Sites

The Hills School

Cnr William And Mary Streets






Tues Thurs


Ceiling Hoist





Ceiling Hoist 

mobile hoist

Up-down bed

Free Street Parking

Well appointed pool in school grounds. Perfect for those with little to no mobility. Rehab Therapies Hires this pool exclusively at indicated times during school term only.