Things We Love

We supply a carefully curated range of products our team loves and often prescribe. Please discuss with your therapist first to see if the product is appropriate for you. We're here to help even if you are not our current client. 

Omo Neurexa Plus

Protects the shoulder from subluxation and pain following a stroke. Designed to be applied with one hand. Requires assessment from appropriate health professional


Non-slip, high quality and long lasting material. So many ways to use it! We can supply you A4 or cut to your request

WalkOn Flex 

Designed for foot drop to help lift the foot whilst walking. Suitable for clients with good ankle range. Often helpful for clients with dystonia. Requires physio assessment.

Breathoprene Wrist Splint

Great value brace when you just need a little support. Fabric wicks away moisture for comfort.Comes in paediatric size.

Cast Protector

No more garbage bags! Shower without fear with a cast. Easy to use and long lasting

Bioness L300 Go

Functional Electrical Stimulation device to control foot drop. Award winning innovation. Requires Physio assessment


Innovative tool and utensil holder for children and adults with limited grip ability. 100% silicone. Various sizes available.


For kids that need just a little bit of support. Requires a Physio assessment.

3D Tutor

Wireless motion biofeedback system using games to turn  therapy into addictive fun! Can be used on various joints and parts of the body



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